E-Z Runner Grand

Zeer gebruiksvriendelijk permanente dubbelzijdige tape

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E-Z Runner® Grand Refillable Dispenser (150')

Permanent Strips of white double-sided adhesive, our most popular adhesive, now available in a 150' refillable dispenser! The E-Z Runner® Grand is a light weight 6 ounces, and easy to hold with the new comfort grip handle.

Refilling is a breeze with our drop-in E-Z Runner® Grand Refill cartridges; no threading, winding or wondering if you did it right.

Permanent Strips are an adhesive versatile enough for use in home, office, school and crafts.

150ft x 0.125in wide strips of permanent, white double-sided adhesive

Easy to refill - no winding, threading or waste!

Dispenses fast and smooth

Easy to use in long lines, curves and circles

Great for short lines and detailed application too!

Unbreakable clear liner

Refills are recyclable

To Refill: Remove protective nose cap, Press at bottom seam to open casing, lift used cartridge, position new refill cartridge, align casing and close case. Recycle the used refill cartridge.

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